Let us help you and/or your family members improve your lives from living with the pain and misery of alcoholism or other drug addictions.  If needed, let us offer you a better tomorrow and support your transition from incarceration to living independently. We have been helping others achieve recovery from chemical abuse and dependency problems since 1974 and have assisted men and women to attain self-sufficiency apart from the correctional system since 2000. Our services include:
  • Substance use disorder assessments
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) assessment, course, and treatment (ACT)
  • Outpatient treatment for adults and their caregivers
  • Pre-release center for adult men
  • Residential treatment for female offenders
  • Men’s transitional living facility for chemically dependent adults
  • Batterers' Intervention
Boyd Andrew Community Services
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Boyd Andrew Community Services