Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Boyd Andrew?

He was a private citizen who lived in Helena and opened his own home to help alcoholics in the early 70’s.  See more about our history in the About Us page.

What services do you provide?

We are organized into three service areas.  The first is in chemical dependency services. We provide prevention, intervention, treatment, and residential care in the Lewis & Clark, Broadwater and Jefferson counties.  The second area is in community corrections.  We operate a 105-bed, adult male pre-release center located in Helena MT (hot link to PRC).  We also operate a 47-bed residential treatment –based correctional facility serving adult women located in Boulder known as Elkhorn Treatment Center. (hot link to ETC).  Finally we offer management services to providers across the state who provide behavioral health care.

How are you organized?

We are a not-for-profit agency and report to a voluntary board of directors.  Our Chief Executive Officer is Amy Tenney.

Where are you located?

Our administration office is located on 60 South Last Chance Gulch (located on the walking mall near the Lewis and Clark County Public Library).

Our Helena outpatient offices for all of our alcohol/drug dependency related services and educational classes are located in the same building as the administration office – 60 South Last Chance Gulch.

Our outpatient satellite services are located in the Jefferson County Courthouse, Annex building, 110 Monroe Street in Boulder and the Trinity Methodist Church, 102 N. Brooks St. in Whitehall and in Broadwater County at the Courthouse, Jury Room in Townsend.

The Men’s Transitional Living Facility for men is located at 410 9th Avenue, Helena, MT 59601.

The Helena Pre-Release Center is located at 805 Colleen Street, Helena, MT 59601.

Elkhorn Treatment Center is located at 1 Riverside, Boulder, MT 59632

Do you provide community service and anger management?

We offer various programs for chemical dependency and the MIP/ACT programs.  If you are needing community service or anger management, you will need to contact RJ McNeil in the courthouse.  His contact # is (406) 447-8227.