Elkhorn Treatment Center

Elkhorn Treatment Center (ETC) is a 47-bed residential treatment-based correctional facility serving adult women who must be a resident of Montana. Our facility is an alternative to traditional incarceration offering female offenders a therapeutic milieu focused on chemical dependency treatment, management of acute and chronic mental illnesses, job development, and education.

ETC serves 42 females under the custody of the Montana Department of Corrections, and 5 other females under a contract with the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS).

Referrals need to be assessed as needing addiction treatment for methamphetamine abuse or other stimulant abuse disorders and/or for any type of chemical dependency and treatable co-occurring mental illness.

We can accept the following, women offenders who are:

  • DOC commitments
  • Parole violators
  • Conditional release violators
  • Inmates of the Montana’s Women’s Prison
  • Convicted of a second or subsequent criminal possession of methamphetamine
  • Or otherwise sanctioned by the Courts
  • Probation violators
  • Females involved with Drug Court, Family Court, Tribal Court, etc.

Our contemporary designed complex is located on seven acres just outside the city limits of Boulder, MT accenting a sense of open space.


Therapeutic milieu

Recovery from chemical dependency requires change of the whole person – psychologically, socially, and behaviorally. At our facility we assist that transformation through supporting and teaching a resident healthy interactions, modeling, leadership, membership, responsibility, and honesty.

Educational programming.

A transition to a better future requires new approaches. We provide education and instruction in life skills and job preparation with a long-term focus. Assistance from the Helena Adult Learning Center and CTI (Career Training Institute) includes completion of the GED. Other educational opportunities include computer literacy.

Treatment programming.

A diverse staff delivers a myriad of treatment programs to facilitate a healthy transition to the community. Programs include parenting, job readiness, co-occurring groups, anger management group, loss and grief groups, chemical dependency groups, Relapse Prevention, Victim Impact Panel, Creative Writing, Yoga, Zumba, money management, and Medicine Wheel. Expertise in chemical dependency, job development, and care management enable us to respond to our residents needs. Two full time mental health therapists add to the depth of our capability to further the emotional and psychological wellness of residents.


The appeal of our facility is that it assists residents to progressively transition back to a satisfying life and to reestablish connections with family and friends. Our pleasant environment with easy access, parking, and contemporary setting encourages a positive return to normalcy. We offer supervised visitation every Saturday and Sunday, which includes a family education component prior to each visit.


Program Info

How are residents chosen for ETC?

All residents are prescreened by a screening committee for admission into Elkhorn Treatment Center. If a resident is referred by the women’s prison or the Billings Assessment and Sanction Center, she will be screened by the institution screening committee first, then referred to ETC’s screening committee.

What is a screening committee?

Our screening committee reviews offender information and decides whether the offender is appropriate for our facility. Our committee includes, staff members, a P&P Officer, local law enforcement, and citizens that live or work in the area.

What do residents do in ETC?

Our Center has a daily schedule with expectations that the resident will participate in community activities, as well as treatment programming.

Can residents work while they live at the facility?

No. Residents are not allowed out of the facility to work. Each resident is assigned a daily house chore to complete.

Are residents able to do what they want?”

No. Residents in our Center are restricted in where they go and what they do. They are required to be accountable not only to themselves, but other community members, and the Department of Corrections. Residents are scheduled for self-structured time each day.

How do you monitor residents?

The case managers approve schedules for each offender and security staff tracks if the offender is where he or she is supposed to be.

How long is the program?

The program is approximately 9 months in length.

Can offenders have visits from my family?

Yes, visitation is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The resident requesting visitation is required to send a Visitor Request Packet to every person they wish to visit. Their case manager will review it and notify the resident if it is approved. DOC policy requires a background check be conducted on all visitors age 18 and above prior to visiting.  The background check must be completed by Boyd Andrew Community Services.  A background check provided by a visitor which was completed by another party will not be accepted.  The cost of a background check is payable to Boyd Andrew Community Services (please confirm the current cost with ETC staff at 447-5300).  This cost is to be covered by the visiting party and must be included in your visitation application.  You may remit this cost in the form of a money order only.  Checks or cash will not be accepted and the background check must be completed before visitation is approved.