Substance Use Disorder Assessment

Your initial evaluation involves a comprehensive and thorough assessment and testing process to determine if you have a chemical dependency problem.  And if so, what level of care would best help you with this problem.  We will review the findings and recommendation with you and discuss the next steps.

Your employer or family member or church minster or probation officer or the courts or another mental health provider may have requested that you receive a chemical dependency evaluation (FAQ section).   Regardless of who referred you or how you came to our program, we need you to be honest with us about what is occurring in your life related to your chemical use for us to help you.  We know this is hard to do.  We understand why it is hard to do.  We want to be able to help you understand also and take the first step to get better.

Our assessments are confidential (FAQ section).  We cannot release your information to any other person without your written permission to do so.  If you are court ordered to receive a chemical dependency evaluation you will need to give us written permission to release your confidential information.  In most cases, we will review the information with you before we release it.