Men’s Transitional Living Facility (TLF)

Our transitional living facility is a recovering home for seven adult men and is located in a residential neighborhood in Helena. It is considered a 3.1 level of care as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). We know that for some adults recovering from chemical dependency requires additional support such as living in a sober home and receiving daily encouragement and direction.

Entry into the program requires two conditions. First you must meet the specific ASAM criteria for this level of care and be referred by a licensed addiction counselor, probation and parole officer or by yourself. Secondly, you must complete and submit an application and agree to all of the house rules specified in the application.

You may find the application in the form section of Chemical Dependency Services or you may contact Evonne Hawe at 406.447.3280 for further information and assistance in completing the application. In addition, you can download and Transitional Living Facility Brochure.