Adolescent Outpatient Services

Over 80% of the adults who are in addiction treatment programs across the country began abusing alcohol and/ drugs before the age of 16.  Therefore it is important for teens that are using or abusing alcohol or drugs receive treatment as soon as possible.  We understand how upsetting and difficult it is for parents and family members to learn that their child is using and/or abusing alcohol and/or drugs.  Even during this challenging situation we need you to support your child and help us help them by enrolling them into treatment, attend the initial assessment session, and communicate with us any concerns you may have regarding their care and treatment.

Our Level I and Level II programs include individual and group services, community self help groups, and family involvement.  Individual sessions are scheduled weekly and will be dependent upon the teen’s schedule.  Groups are arranged based upon the needs and schedule of the teenagers enrolled in the program.  If you have any questions regarding the current group meeting times please call 406. 443.2343.

We also offer case management services to adolescents and their families while they are participating in our adolescent treatment program.  You counselor will be able to discuss with you what specific services and benefits you would receive with case management.