Chemical Dependency Services

Are you or your loved one experiencing problems related to the abuse of alcohol or other drugs? Let us help you understand what can be done.  Help is only a phone call away.

All of our alcohol and drug services begins with a thorough assessment of the problem to determine if the person is experiencing a substance use disorder and, if so, what steps can be taken to help.  We will work side-by-side with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your needs and will give you or your family member the best chance to get well.

The first step is to come to our outpatient office (or call for an appointment in the satellite offices) and complete the assessment (chemical dependency evaluation) paperwork.  Our satellite offices are in Boulder, Townsend and Whitehall.  We will assist you in filling out the required paperwork, answer any questions you may have about our services, and conduct a financial intake.  This process may take up to two hours.

We will then schedule for you a private meeting with one of our Licensed Addiction Counselors or Mental Health Counselor.  During that initial meeting, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be developed.

If you do not need inpatient care (24 hour medical residential care), your plan may include one of the following outpatient services we provide referred to as Levels of Care.

Level One Adult Outpatient                                 Level Two Adult Intensive Outpatient

If you need either medical detoxification and/or inpatient (Level III) care, we will refer you or your family member to the appropriate facilities.  We are not able to provide detoxification services at any of our facilities.

Boyd Andrew is the State of Montana’s approved provider for the Assessment, Course, & Treatment (ACT), Prime for Life services for both Lewis & Clark, Broadwater and Jefferson Counties.

We also operate a seven bed Men’s Transitional Living Facility located in Helena.  We have a separate admission process for this program.  You may call 406.443.2343 for further information and current availability.


Substance Use Disorder Assessment
Assessment, Course & Treatment (ACT) Prime For Life (PFL)
Adult Outpatient Services
Men’s Transitional Living Facility (TLF)
Batterers’ Intervention

Our outpatient and ACT services are licensed by the State of Montana Department of Health & Human Services, Addictive and Mental Disorder Division, Chemical Dependency Bureau.




Will you bill my insurance for services I receive from you?

Yes.  Most major insurance companies, including Blue Cross & Blue Shield, pay for the services we provide.  We ask that you bring in your insurance card at your first appointment.  If your insurance is under a spouse or parent, please let us know the social security number of the subscriber.  We will need it in order to pay for your services.

Can you bill Medicaid?

Yes.  We will look up your information to verify eligibility and submit the required paperwork on your behalf.

Will insurance pay for ACT classes?

No, insurance companies often will not pay for “court ordered” services.  Most insurance plans will not reimburse for ACT educational courses.  We are able to bill for treatment services.

How do I enroll in treatment for my alcohol and/or drug problems?

We accept all clients, whether you are self-referred or court ordered.  There is no initial fee for the cost of the evaluation intake.  You can come in Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, excluding State Holidays, to fill out the initial paperwork. Our staff will assist you in the initial paperwork and once completed will schedule you an appointment with a counselor.

Please keep in mind that this intake process can take an hour or more to complete, so please plan accordingly.

Do you provide detoxification services?

No, we are not a medical facility and cannot provide detoxification services.  We can refer you to a publically funded inpatient treatment program or privately funded inpatient treatment programs where you will be able to safely receive detoxification from alcohol or drugs.

Do you have evening hours for an assessment?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8 -5 and we offer various appointments during those hours.  We provide some group services in the evening.

Do you treat prescription drug addiction including pain medication?

Yes, our Licensed Addiction Counselors address all chemical dependency problems including prescription drug addiction.  Many people mistakenly believe since prescription medicine is  “legal” it cannot grow into an addiction problem.  However these can also become habit forming and we are able to assist you with that serious addiction problem.

Do you provide mental health services?

Yes, we offer various combined mental health and addiction (co-occurring) services including evening groups and individual sessions with a licensed mental health counselor.