Boyd Andrew Management Services

Over the past ten years, Boyd Andrew Community Services (BACS) has evolved into a statewide leader amongst its peers.  To grow that leadership role and to offer needed administrative support to other providers across the State, BACS developed a Boyd Andrew Management Services (BAMS).  BAMS provides administrative services, fiscal management, and programmatic oversight for statewide contracts.

For instance, in 2008 BACS was awarded a major contract with the State of Montana, Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) to administer and manage a multi-level residential treatment system known as Residential Treatment Expansion Consortium (RTEC)And in 2011, BACS was awarded another statewide contract to administer and manage a prevention consortium known as Montana Prevention Coalition (MPC).

BAMS ensure that all participating organizations perform at a high-level of service delivery and to make certain financial business is conducted according to contract requirements and specifications.

If you have questions about Boyd Andrew Management Services please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Amy Tenney at 406.443.2343.