Residential Treatment Expansion Consortium

The Residential Treatment Expansion Consortium (RTEC) provides residential care (group home living) for individuals suffering from drug addictions.  The Recovery Homes are located throughout Montana and are owned and operated by six different state approved treatment programs.

The Recovery Homes serve adult men and women who need a structured, safe, and drug-free living environment.  All of the Homes promote life-long recovery skills, work skills for gainful employment, and assist residents to transition back to independent living in the community as a recovering individual.

Boyd Andrew administers the RTEC contract and provides managerial oversight of the consortium.

The referral process is, you submit an application (either online or faxed to below), and the packet will be reviewed by Boyd Andrew staff.  If the application is complete it will be sent to the requested facility(ies) for their review.  The selected facility will contact either the referral or referent to set up a screening interview.  Depending upon the need of the referral, the screening interview will be either in person or on the phone.  If the referral and facility agree to an admission an admit date will be set.

As of April 2015, the new Universal 3.1 Residential Application is now being used by all RTEC facilities. You now only need to complete the following two forms: RTEC Request for Services and the 5 page 3.1 Residential Application. Below are two application forms to use. One is a pdf to download, fill out and fax. The other is a Word document that you can download, fill out and fax. For the online application (please register as a user) you can fill out either of those forms and upload it into the online system.


Send packets or to obtain information or application:
Sara Dobbins
PO Box 1153
Helena, MT 59624-1153
Phone: (406) 447-3262
Fax: (406) 443-5490


The six consortium participating programs are:

Delcy Brisbo, Recovery Home Coordinator                       Derek Dalton, Clinical Services Coordinator
(406) 257-6240                                                                               (406) 756-6453                                                       

  •  The Lighthouse Recovery Home operated by Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center in Miles City, MT provides a recovery based support home for eight men.
  • The Olive Branch Home operated by Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County in Bozeman.  Olive Branch Home provides a recovery based support home for eight men.  For further information, please contact the facility using the following information:

119 South Church Street
Bozeman, MT 59715
Ron Vargas, Case/House Manager, (406) 539-1364
Glenn Lehrer,  Case Manager, at (406) 209-1985

  • The White Sky Hope Lodge operated by the White Sky Hope Center located on the Rocky Boy Reservation in Box Elder, MT provides a cultural-specific recovery based support home for eight Native American women or men.


PO Box 1153
Helena, MT 59624-1153
FAX: (406) 443-5490
Sara Dobbins
Business Manager


How do I know if I qualify financially? Qualification is based upon income as well as family size.  Referrals must meet the 200% of poverty financial threshold.  Contact Dan Krause at 431-7410 to see if you meet financial requirements of the program.

What if I do not want to commit for nine months? Our goal is to offer long term transitional care.  Some homes require a nine month commitment whereas others request that referrals commit to a three month stay.  Staff in these cases routinely assess residents for continued need of services.

Is there a curfew? Yes, the time depends on each individual home.

Do people on probation qualify? Yes.

Can I live in one of the homes if I have been through inpatient treatment? Yes, we encourage step down services from inpatient programs, however, referrals do not need to come from inpatient providers.

How much is rent? $12.00 daily.

What would disqualify me from admission?  Violent offenders and those with past sexual offenses would not qualify for services.  Further, individuals who are not Montana residents, those who are younger than age 18 and those who do not meet financial requirements do not qualify.

Do you accept people with a co-occurring mental health issue? Yes.

Can my children live with me?  Unfortunately no, space is limited and these homes are not equipped to manage children.

What information needs to be included in an RTEC application to Elkhorn?  Referral packets will include a court order requiring program completion, RTEC application documents, an updated chemical dependency evaluation indicating the need for ASAM III.5 care, a mental health evaluation if appropriate, signed and witnessed releases of information, and a PSI if available.  Additional information may be requested if appropriate.



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The Recovery Homes are funded by the State of Montana, Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS), Addictive and Mental Disorder Division, Bureau of Chemical Dependency.